High Quality Ingredients

L’ailOlive is renowned for its exciting and delicious use of garlic and chilli in it’s range of jar products and hot dishes.  Don’t be mistaken into thinking that it is all pungent garlic and unbearably hot chilli.   The flavours are complex and packed with flavour.

L’ailOlive prides itself on:

  • Sourcing the highest quality fresh ingredients
  • Never using MSG and artificial flavourings
  • Using:
    • Real garlic and not garlic powder or granules
    • Garlic smoked to our own special blend of wood and herbs
    • Range of different types of garlic to suit the dishes
    • Fresh rice and egg noodles
    • Extra virgin olive oil

Watch how the skins for our delicious dumplings are made.  Each individual skin is hand rolled.

Many of our products have been awarded at the annual Great Taste Awards.

Great Taste Producer
Great Taste Producer